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Rick was born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie, in Erie Pennsylvania.  He received his formal art training at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he graduated in 1976 and later worked as a graphic designer at Welchs in a small town in Westfield, NY.  In the early 1980’s he moved to Los Angeles, CA and started working at Hughes Aircraft as a graphic designer and retired 27 years later.  He turned his attention to sculpture in the late 1990’s.  In Los Angeles he studied at Santa Monica City College, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, and Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, but he is mostly self-taught.  Over the course of his 17 year sculpting career, he has studied under many well known sculptors including Scott Rogers and Sandy Scott.  He is now headquartered in Orange County, CA, and he maintains a studio in his home. His work is authentic and has experienced and lived what he designs.​  His subjects are mostly western and wildlife themes.


For prices and shipping, Rick can be reached by e-mail at rah1552@twc.com

or by phone at 310-334-9327

Shows include:    

    Mesa Arts Festival 2010 - Mesa AZ

    South Scottsdale Art Alliance 2011 - Scottsdale, AZ

    The 2011 Mission Federal ArtWalk  - San Diego, CA

    Loveland Sculpture Invitational 2011 - Loveland, CO

    The 2011 ArtWalk on the Bay - San Diego, CA

    2011 Mission Federal ArtWalk - San Diego, CA

    Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival 2012 - Carefree, AZ

    Prescott Fine Art and Wine Festival 2012 - Prescott, AZ

    Malibu Arts festival 2012 - Malibu, CA

    Loveland Sculpture Invitational 2012 - Loveland, CO

    Southwest Arts Festival® 2013

    Indio Arts Festival - Indio, CA

    Rinconart Studio and Gallery 2013 - Placerville, CA

    Malibu Arts Festival 2013  - Malibu, CA

    Loveland Sculpture Invitational 2013 - Loveland, CO

    Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival 2013 - Carefree, AZ

    2011 Mission Federal ArtWalk 2013 - San Diego, CA

    Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival 2013 - Carefree, AZ

    Sedona Arts Festival 2016 - Sedona, AZ

    Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival - Carefree, AZ

    Art-A-Fair Festival 2018 - Laguna Beach, CA

    Festival of the Arts, Pageant of the Masters 2018 - 2019 - Laguna Beach, CA



   Best sculpture - Art-A-Fair Festival 2018 - Laguna Beach, CA

    First place - Sculpture, Weekend of Art, Los Alamitos, CA

Member of: 

    National Sculpture Society

    National Museum of Wildlife Art

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